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Sylvia's Super Awesome Arduino Book Projects

The kit is now available!

Guess what?! Super-Awesome Sylvia, star of Super-Awesome Sylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show, has a new book for young makers! It's called, "Sylvia's Super-Awesome Project Book: Super Simple Arduino!" The book is a fun and colorful introduction to Arduino microcontrollers and programming, written and illustrated by kid engineer Super-Awesome Sylvia. It has three great projects to get started on an Arduino adventure, plus lots of ideas and resources for even more experiments.

Super-Awesome Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Project Book

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We here at SparkFun love the idea behind this book: getting kids interested and involved in the world of Arduino at an early age! A lot of work has gone into the Super-Awesome Project Book, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get the three projects in this book started. We are pleased to present to you Sylvia's Super Awesome Kit!

Sylvia's Super Awesome Kit

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This kit, along with the book, is now available! Inside the kit you will find:

With these different parts combined you will be able to create the projects discussed in the Super-Awesome Project Book which includes: Simple Strobe - A controllable strobe that lets you stop time, R.I.F.F. - A “Randomly Influenced Finger Flute”, and TheTapper - A speaker can play music of course, but it can be an input device too.

We hope you enjoy using this book and kit together to make some truly awesome projects! As Sylvia says, "Get out there and make something!”