Kristin and Che-Wei, creators of Momo

About the Photo

This picture was taken in Grand Central Station, New York City, New York.

The photographer was SparkFun Director of Marketing AnnDrea, who was assisted by SparkFun Copywriter Chris and Director of IT Chris.

The photo shoot nearly didn't take place. We had obtained a permit from the Mayor of New York's office to have a photoshoot. What we didn't know was that the Mayor's permit doesn't hold any sway inside of Grand Central Station. While we were setting up for the shoot, a security guard came over and ever so politely informed us we couldn't take pictures for commercial use. Fortunately, we were able to quickly garner an acceptable permit and the photoshoot went off without another hitch.

About Kristin and Che-Wei

Kristin O'Friel was born in Hawaii and currently resides in New York City where she is a Masters Candidate at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU. Kristin is interested in creating sensuous interactions that change the way we think about the world. Her work primarily engages public space and cognitive frameworks through interventions in the urban experience. 

Che-Wei Wang [pronounced say-way] was born in Tokyo, Japan to a Taiwanese mother and a Japanese / Taiwanese father. He is the founder of, a blog on technology, design and computational architecture, and is the cofounder of, a multidisciplinary design studio. As a visiting professor at his Alma mater, Pratt Institute, he teaches computational design with a focus on information visualization and interaction. Che-Wei is the winner of the 2003 SOM fellowship and the Young Alumni Achievement Award from Pratt Institute. He is currently completing his graduate degree at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU.

About Kristin and Che-Wei's Project

Momo is a haptic navigational device that requires only the sense of touch to guide a user. The device sits in the palm of your hand and gently "guides" you to a preset destination by vibrating and leaning in the right direction. There are no maps or lights - just the physical presence of Momo is your hand.

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