Vanessa and Dzl, Vegas Shoot

About the "Critical Corset"

The photo shoot started when Vanessa Carpenter emailed us about her Critical Corset project. In the picture, Vanessa wears a standard heart rate strap. As her heart rate raises, an Arduino attached to a Polar Heart Rate module picks up this increase and actuates a small pump. The pump inflates a bladder built into the corset - increasing the constriction and making the wearer aware that their heart rate is increasing. The electronics and battery are hidden inside Vanessa's purse.

Dzl Mobius (pronounced 'Diesel')' stands to her left. Dzl helped Vanessa take her idea to a reality. Dzl is an amazingly skilled engineer creating all sorts of art and jewelry - all with unique and complex electronics subtly hidden underneath.

You must read about Vanessa and Dzl's crazy trip getting to Vegas, from Denmark, by way of Tenerife! Thank you Dzl and Vanessa! It was a great adventure.

About the Photo

The photo was taken in the median in front of Las Vegas' New York, New York hotel and casino. The photo was shot by SparkFun's own videographer/photographer Chris Rojas. To shoot the ad, Chris used a Canon 5D MarkII. In addition to Chris, SparkFun CEO Nate Seidle and the Director of Marketing AnnDrea Boe made the trip.


Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes view of the photoshoot and an interview with Dzl and Vanessa.

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  • Blacklab1 / about 12 years ago / 1

    This is cool. I am just surprised that she didn't add some red lights to it.