A Year Like No Other

Unprecedented, the new normal, challenging times, etc. Through all of the buzzwords SparkFun moved forward, and we hope that we had a small part in helping you cope pivot make it through do something interesting (or at least distracting) with your time in 2020.

Looking back at our photo albums from the year, these may just be the perfect photos to start our 2020 journey. Rob (our creative technologist) made a wireless launch controller for a model rocket. These photos, taken near the end of February, were a salute to the end of normalcy for a while.

This is Rob's usual workspace. Equipped with all these all fun toys, it's a wonder he was able to focus on getting any video demos done all year!

Captain Kirk watches over the empty testing stations from a safe distance.

A vast empty space where some of our best ideas used to happen.

If you look closely you can see an actual human in this photo.

Staggered schedules lead to empty chairs.

The SparkFun Emporium has sat empty since March. The problem with interactive projects is that you have to touch them, and in 2020 that's a no-no.

Despite (to spite?) the pandemic, we persevered. Orders were still being placed so we continued to ship out red boxes...

... and produce red boards!

Beards grew longer in the five years of 2020.

Our steadfast photographer, Juan, was always ready to ensure that each new product and employee was photographed in a timely manner.

It's weird to look at these company photos and see us standing that close to each other.

SparkX and Product Services, bright and empty at the same time.

There are a lot of desks like this - projects left on hold in March, with tools strewn about.

Fun fact: All of these bikes are free for employees to ride to nearby Niwot to pick up lunch or a coffee without needing to drive.

By August we were able to allow more people into the building, which meant more kit-building!

Social distancing was still required, though, which lead to some surreal and empty areas of the building.

It's humbling to see how many components go into maintaining an online retail store.

SWIT offices stand empty as most of the group can exclusively work from home!

Desert landscapes - a great place to visit once we can travel again.

The most important question you should be asking yourself right now is this: “Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!?” ...Brother.

Yes, that's a Utahraptor in our breakroom. And yes, she's wearing a sombrero.

These little guys got a lot of use at the beginning of the pandemic printing out PPE gear for first responders at CU Boulder.

This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

It's going to be really nice to see people in this room again.