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  • I agree. Standoff mounts would be very nice to have on this module. I can’t think of any applications that wouldn’t involve mounting this to something.

  • The most disappointing thing about this module is that the 4DGL language doesn’t support a float type. This makes anything but the most simple math functions impossible. Given how much this unit costs, I thought it would be able to do just about anything.
    Also, it advertises TTL I/O channels, I2C, UART, etc, but the “expansion” connectors on the back are difficult to find.
    The 4DGL code is also a bit strange sometimes. Some of the functions have poorly defined inputs and either bad or nonexistent sample code.
    Overall it is a nice little display, and it does have a lot of convinient functions built in (like printing text to the screen, or displaying pictures/buttons). If all you want is a simple display with some basic processing power then this is perfect, but I’m finding that interfacing it with other components is becoming a bit of a pain.
    Another note: Although it says it in the description, this only takes uSD cards 2GB or under. Anything over that is not supported and will not work.

  • I’m lookin to interface this with a MSP430 that only uses the RX and TX lines. In the datasheet it shows an example of a UART interface with a microcontroller, but it has the RTS and CTS lines going to the microcontroller as well. Can these signals be left disconnected and still work? Should they be tied together? Pulled high or low?
    Thanks for the help.

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