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  • I'm using a 5.5V processor for ease of servo signals, but would really like to use this board. If I put a 3.3V regulator on the power line and some resistor on the SDA and SCL lines to pull the voltage across the chip down, it should work, right? If so, what value resistor should I use? I can't simply measure the resistance from those lines to ground and use an equivalent resistor, can I? Before I start trying different resistors and trial-by-error, what sort of damage would over-volting the comm lines do? Thanks!

  • I'm really new to this so I'm sorry if this is a newbish question, but do I basically just plug one pin into my 6V input, one pin into ground and the last will put out a nice 3.3V? Thanks!

  • You can all stop complaining now. I needed a six-pin header, so I pulled the pin out of the seventh, scored it with the nearest knife, broke it and filed it flat with a multitool I could reach from my chair. No effort at all and I have a very nice-looking piece that matches what I need. Yes, you will lose a pin - but they warn you. In making all the headers I needed for my board, I lost 20 cents worth of headers. Big whoop! These are great!

  • What is the weight of one of these units?

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