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  • Oh ma gosh. I love doing stupid things just for the sake of doing them. I'd love to play with your stupid thing also. If it were possible (and fair), a pair of the Micro-ATX and an expansion card would be great.

  • The main bummer is the $150 cost for the USNAP spec... maybe I'll build my own thermostat ;-)

  • Well, me being me, I'd pick the "Raspberry Pi B" block as my favorite. Not because I have anything that would just plug-in and work, but because it offers more than the GPIO block (which would have otherwise been #1 for me).

    This block combines the functionality of the GPIO Block and I2C Block with additional features to streamline development.

    I am a huge fan of plugging lots of random stuff into my dev boards and this seems to have the most flexibility.

    Eventually, I plan to create a few blocks myself to meet some of my own "needs". Items on the brain are a block with a relay bank for underground sprinklers, or an USNAP module for my thermostat (an Edison + custom board would be cheaper / as cheap as off the shelf modules).

  • Since I don't see it posted on the main page anywhere, here's the link for the video of the hangout

    Bright Ideas with Intel® Edison Presented by Intel & SparkFun

  • Some quarters? I can send you a few.

  • No GPU at all.

  • I totally get warm fuzzies when I read this.

    Yea, one person clicked a thing but really it’s SparkFun’s fault, not one person.

    I've made a few mistakes professionally and seen others do the same and I've never seen a CEO take so much of the responsibility on the company instead of a single employee. It's like you're all on a team or something!

  • Intel used to give away blue versions of these with their SSD's. They work well and are small enough to always keep with you. I might buy a few in sparkfun red, just to have some variety.

  • Well, actually, track information is part of AVRCP profile, just not specifically "ID3".

    The BlueGiga WT32 (with the latest firmware, probably earlier ones too) does this if the A2DP source (actually, the AVRCP controller) provides the data. It's part of AVRCP profile.

    For instance, the WT32 will rx the track data from my Galaxy S3 when acting as a A2DP sink and AVRCP target.

    Not sure about the RN-52 capabilities.

  • I was about to post that myself

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