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  • News - Free Day is Done | about 4 years ago

    I spent > 30 mins trying to get the login page loaded with repeated server timeouts. Once the login page finally loaded, I spent 17 mins trying to submit my login. Once logged in, I spent the rest of my time trying to get the product page to load, which never got past blank white pages and repeated server timeouts before the give-away ended.
    The sad part is that your IT people got paid for deploying that cluster-f*** and remain employed after this catastrophe.
    If the give-away were on a 1st-come/1st-served basis, and everyone else beat me to the punch, then it would have been fair. But when the majority of your users can’t get the site to load, spending 2 hours looking at blank pages and repeated server timeout messages, that’s an entirely different issue.
    I won’t business with a company that incites such a situation and then has the nerve to call it a success. Thank you, SparkFun, for ensuring that I’ll never at any point in the future be a customer.

  • Product COM-00230 | about 4 years ago

    I’m a long-time software engineer, looking to get into PICs (total PIC noob). What programmers sold on SparkFun will work with this PIC (18F2520)?
    Also, I’m assuming the development board DEV-00018 is just a test harness and not an actual programmer. Is this assumption correct?

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