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  • I love this post. You all create amazing product and demo videos that get my creative juices flowing. I often watch them after a new product is announced, watch again when on the fence about a board, then if I make the purchase, I usually watch them again when I’m using the product.

    I have to make videos at work too. The production value isn’t as high as yours, but I’m encouraged that it’s possible to create great videos quickly. Gives me something to continue to work towards!

    Keep making great videos that inspire the engineering community, and thanks again for sharing a peek behind the curtain!

  • Welcome! Looking forward to seeing what you create and share.

  • Just heard back from Randy at EarthLCD; he said that they're currently addressing portrait orientation. He volunteered a beta build of the portrait firmware to me, and said that they plan to release it and modified demo scripts in early January.

    I must say that I've been pretty impressed with the support they've offered. It's definitely more responsive and helpful than overseas manufacturers or larger corporations I've dealt with.

    If the timeframe is pressing for your product, you may want to order direct from their site and request a beta build of the portrait firmware. Otherwise, it sounds like the firmware should be released by the time Sparkfun gets product back in stock.

    I'm looking forward to taking this little guy for a spin!

  • Grody, I had an identical application in mind. I emailed their support email address a few days ago to ask about portrait orientation. If I hear back, I'll definitely share my findings.

    Though a little pricey, this could make for an incredibly slick wall mounted UI in a single gang box.

  • Consultants seem willing to try just about anything to sell an ERP system these days.

  • Thanks, SparkFun. Freeday 2011 was a lot of fun! Looking forward to spending my $40 credit (and then some). :-)

  • Read as a sum.

  • cm,
    I am sorry to hear that you don't like SparkFun. In fairness, you are correct--their prices on some items are a little higher than some other retailers', but I don't mind. I have found that SparkFun provides much better info and support than the big guys, and to me, that's more than worth it for my small volume orders. If I was buying at higher volumes, it would be a bigger deal.
    As for server issues, while they're possible, I wouldn't expect it this year. Since SparkFun has migrated over to the Amazon EC2 infrastructure, I'm guessing that interruptions will be minimal. Amazon's EC2 held strong against the recent massive DDoS attack (by Anonymous), so I wouldn't imagine Free Day 2011 to be any worse.
    Though I definitely enjoy taking my significant other out for a date, I'm planning on holding off until January 14th. Free Day is fun. It's not a guaranteed payoff, but it's worth trying! I was one of the lucky 1,000+ last year, and I've really enjoyed the gear that I scored. And besides, with the new process (more prize money available, and less than $100 going out to almost everyone), I'm sure many more people will get to enjoy some SparkFun credit.
    You can do whatever you want on the 13th, but I'll be taking part in SF Free Day 2011.

  • Just to confirm- In addition to reading, this device can also write to SD cards, correct? I'm trying to prep an SD card to get started with my Beagleboard, and I've found that my old memory card reader is read-only (I'm sure the card is not write protected- can read/write from a friend's laptop).
    Wanting to make sure before I pull the trigger. Thanks!

  • I agree that it should be when it becomes available, but a jog over to reveals that they don't have a C4 reference manual yet either. :)

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