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  • If so, where is the 3D rendering of the board? :)

  • I'm about to perform surgery on my iPod Touch 3G (mentioned this in an above comment).

    Find your device's teardown on ifixit and follow their steps to take it apart. You will probably need several special tools, which will be mentioned there.

  • Agreed. I do FTC. While my team uses RobotC, I can say that LabVIEW's Front Panel is awesome for debugging and I have not seen anything comparable elsewhere.

  • Will this work on my Arduino Duemilanove? I already have a copy of LabVIEW on my computer.

  • I'm actually using this kit as the basis for a cleanup bell for the technology lab at my school. What I'm planning to do is hook up a relay instead of a buzzer, and a siren will be hooked up to the relay. The code will need to be changed to create multiple alarm times, and also to simply apply a digital high to one of the buzzer pins and a low to the other, instead of an analog write.

  • Apologies for the delayed response. At the moment, I've devised a charging cradle that holds the iTouch at various angles, applying pressure on the dock connector which causes all the pins to make contact. This is working less effectively every day, so I will have get it backed up and do the procedure fairly soon.
    I have a good soldering iron, works fine with SMT components.

  • The dock connector on my iTouch 3G broke, and it's no longer covered by warranty. Any thoughts on desoldering it and replacing it with this one?

  • @TRInc - <br />
    Check out the VUSB firmware for avr microcontrollers. It's a software based solution to emulate USB signals, and you could use it to emulate a USB mouse.<br />
    <br />

  • Should be compatible with simple digital signals also, right?

  • If I want to do this, but still be able to upload thru Arduino IDE, will I have any problems if I just use 2 xbee modules programmed to pass the dio lines from one to the other, one hooked up to the DTR, RX, and TX lines on the FTDI basic breakout, and the other hooked up respectively on the arduino pro mini?
    This way, it's a virtual connection such that its as if the ftdi basic was directly connected to an arduino.
    Amongst the many reasons I ask this, the important one is that arduino IDE 0018 no longer outputs hex files.
    So, are there any problems with this idea?

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