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  • I'm interested in knowing how the original complaint originated? Was it department of XYZ identifying the goods, or a complaint from Fluke? This is a difficult one IMHO. The Chinese have no qualms about exploiting other's IP, and don't see it as theft at all (or if they do, don't care). Being a country that makes stuff, but doesn't create much of it, their economy is heavily dependent on using other's ideas. Patenting a 'color combination' seems a bit ridiculous, and is heavily biased towards big businesses who can afford to patent this stuff (it's not cheap or easy either). At the same time, I can see people getting confused about the SparkFun meters, there's a definite 'look and feel' about it that looks Flukish. US IP laws, due to the power of big business, and the US's dominance in 'creating' as opposed to 'making' stuff, are considered draconian and exploitative by the rest of the world. Big Pharma's outrageous attempts to extend drug patents using sophistry are a much more important example of the misuse of these laws.

    Interestingly, in a win for the little guy, Cadbury tried to patent an entire color: their 'purple' (#3B0083), and wanted to disallow anyone using the color, anywhere - in effect they were trying to patent a frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum. It might have been an ambit claim, but after spending millions on lawyers, they ended up having to restrict the patent to using the color with chocolate products. BP tried it on with green too, but more comprehensivly lost that one.

    Anyway, hats off to SparkFun and Fluke - reasonable people getting to a reasonable outcome.

  • Thanks for the clear explanation, had to get past the odd speech style, but still learnt alot.

  • Here's an example of working code with the Arduino. The example polls every 6 seconds or so, and gives you humidity and temperature readings.
    Works a treat!

  • Or yet another way to remember:
    Conventional current (+) flows in the direction of the arrow.

  • The World's Gone Made (TM)
    dreamn4ea thanks for that insight: I didn't know keeping a trademark required you to show you were actively protecting it. Sounds like what they might be doing ahead of an inevitable sell off of remaining assets as they go under.
    I love sparkfun (TM) and just bought some stuff off the site. I saw this posting, and fell in love all over again. Sparkfun deserves respect, not lawyers.
    PS. Sparkfun guys: keep us up to date with what happens with this

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