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  • It's the same project -- the youtube video is from March 2010, but it just went through another round of being picked up by news sites for some reason. :)

  • Thanks everyone!
    I should mention (as I do in the blog post I made announcing the video) that this is thanks to Free Day 2010 -- I had no experience with Arduino before my Free Day order, and wouldn't have been able to justify spending >$100 on electronics to tinker with without the added incentive of Free Day. So, thanks very much!

  • Yay, my Free Day box showed up today. Thanks, Sparkfun!
    I've already got the Lilypad up and running, and am on my way to figuring out how to get the Bluetooth Mate attached to it to talk to me. I'll try to post a howto once I get everything working..
    Thanks again!

  • Same here. :-) Been looking for a reason to get into Arduino, and now there's a free Lilypad and Bluetooth Mate on their way over here..

  • This reminds me of the Walmart fiasco where people were crushed trying to get into the store for a deal.
    Yes, because a webserver being really busy is just like a person being trampled to death.
    Perhaps you should graph the lucky 100 against the outraged.
    (100000 / 100 = 1000, not 100.)
    One also wonders how many of the purchases were made by scripts.
    Not mine! Am really looking forward to my first Arduino.

  • Nope; no kind of connection between me and Sparkfun, and I got in. It's just luck.

  • There are people who've already commented here saying they got in from Brazil and Italy, and people saying that they live in Colorado and didn't; just read the comments.

  • I also tried for two hours, only needing to hit the checkout button, and hey.. I eventually got in! It sounds like the difference between us was just luck.
    .. which is what the whole day was about. So why be so upset?

  • Yep, I did. Lots of others on the IRC channel/twitter, too.

  • Thanks so much for the free stuff!

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