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  • The teeth on my clips come together evenly, but they have a tendency to get skewed (The top and bottom half of the alligator will get misaligned). Additionally, these clips seem to need a lot of force to get open, the springs inside the clips are stronger than normal. Overall, these alligator clips get the job done, but aren't as high quality as other alligator clips I have used.

  • The 2 power buses on my board near the binding posts are fully connected. The 2 on the other side are split in the middle. I'm not sure if this is just bad manufacturing or an intentional "feature".
    I spent 3 hours trying to fix my project before realizing it was the breadboard that was broken.
    Also, the sticky feet were not sticky at all. The adhesive had long peeled off before I got it. I used some sticky-tak to put them on.

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