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Owner of a small but profitable website hosting business. Contract Electronics designer.

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Several assembly languages, Delphi, VHDL, a bit of C/bash/Perl


Electronics design, microcontroller / firmware programming, Windows software development, website hosting / linux admin.


green tech, cycling.


  • Here is an explanation for the reasons behind the increase of extreme weather events: ClimateState - Extreme Weather {July 2013}

  • Here is his Guerilla Open Access Manifesto. Worth reading in a time where the law is increasingly used as a tool to suppress dissent and the conflict between influential patent/copyright holders and public interest is on a collision course.

  • Short version, and why opposing it (and similar legislation in other countries) is of utmost importance:

    SOPA is an attempt to establish a mandatory technical infrastructure for complete internet censorship using copyright law enforcement as a trojan.

  • Why don't you bring out the remaining ATMega328 pins ? There would be more than adequate space to do so on the existing side rows and it would make this board way more useful at zero added cost.

  • While the demo is really fun, it's not very appropriate for this kind of use. If you look at the datasheet, it says expected life is only 30000 cycles. At maximum speed (20mm/0.1sec), it's total lifespan would only be 9 hours, and that's without driving anything except the knob. Load it, and life expectancy will go down.
    A timing belt + stepper + controller would be more precise and last longer for only twice the price.

  • An IPO would be the end of Sparkfun as we know it.
    A bit of history ...
    100 years ago, all the rage was not about Arduinos and quadcopters, but about automobiles. Hundreds of people were hacking cars in their garage. Some, such as Henry Ford, were good at it, so his garage grew bigger. His goal was to make the best possible car AND have it priced low enough so that people building them could afford one.
    As his business grew, he had to get external investors. Among them were the Dodge brothers who could not care less about good cars or making them affordable. All they wanted was the highest return on their investment (to brew their own compagny), so they sued Ford and won. This important lawsuit established the principle that a corporation's only duty is toward it's shareholders.
    Not sure if shareholders such as Carl Icahn would like beer kegs, free day, open hardware, etc ...

  • There seems to be a little design flaw with the DTR pin being capacitively coupled with the Reset signal.
    DTR can go from +12V to -12V and create high voltage/current transients.
    Since the RS232 pins drive is not very strong, it should work most of the times, but if DTR is directly tied to -12V, the 0.1uF capacitor will have to discharge through the processor (not very likely as it would keep the processor in reset, but could be destructive). Since the reset pin is also used in Atmel "high voltage" programming, when +12V is applied, there is a possibility that transient voltage from DTR could send the processor in this programming mode, thus interfering with expected behaviour.
    Connecting any unused pin to Reset would prevent the pin from going above 5V (There is an ESD protection diode on all signal pins except reset) and a serie resistor (1K seems good) would limit the capacitor charge/discharge current to a safe level.

  • Maybe the Getting Started Guide (when the link will be corrected) should add the following mention:
    "This device should not be manipulated with boxing gloves. Don't snap off the items while drunk or high on stuff. Do not use on a rollercoaster. Not intended for people with giant hands or fused fingers. Snapping off the individual boards in complete darkness might lead to creative but unpredictable results."

  • Very innovative concept. I guess that will sell very well, and many other bundles will follow.
    I wonder why there seems to be so much wasted space between the boards. All that space could be used for a bigger protoboard.

  • Looks like the ultrasonic version of a Theremin, the first electronic instrument ever, invented nearly a century ago, except this one have a pitch but no volume control.

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