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  • To get the 1 mile range, do I need one of these on each end, or can one be lower power?

  • I third that, Canada would be nice.
    I don't really understand how the free license for eagle works... Let's say I make an open source design using eagle if someone uses my schematic to make their own circuit or PCB, can they go on to sell that PCB?
    If I open source my design (the part that eagle has it's claim to I would think) so that anyone can make it using the process of their desire, I don't know if it's illegal to sell the physical device (PCB) that is made.
    Can you say: This costs $4 for the PCB material, $5 for assembly, and $0 for design using eagle, and get away with it?
    Do companies like adafruit and makerbot have to buy a license? Their stuff is all open source.

  • When you talk about 8mil stuff for the silkscreen, and it being 0.008" Do you not in fact mean 8thou? I'm no EE, I'm in mech eng, but when I talk to the machinists about something that's 0.005" for example, I would say "5 thou"
    Great tutorial, thanks!

  • I only just discovered these now- so useful! SFE rock.

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