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Member Since: January 2, 2010

Country: United Kingdom

  • I tell you what Sparkfun,
    Along with your server stats, can you please generate a geographical map of the locations of everybody who managed to get the freebie (no precise locations, just at North America map level)?
    I'd bet its a near circular scatter graph revolving around Colorado, with maybe a few 'hits' on the east and west coasts.
    I know this sounds like a bit of an attack about your servers favouring the US, but the figures dont lie, and if we see a nice random scattering of 'winners' around the world I would tip my hat in concession.
    Would also be an interesting indication of how the internet realistically handles these kinds of legitimate loads (non denial of service attack traffic) targeted at one site.
    How about it?

  • That sucked horribly.
    I tried loading the Sparkfun website from prior to 9:00 MST and kept trying roughly twice a minute for a good 15 mins. Sometimes reclicking just to be sure, I then tried on and off for the next couple of hours, at least once every few minutes, and not once did the home page appear or indeed any direct links to login to my account. I couldn't even get close to placing an order.
    I just kept receiving timeouts. I would wager the site is favouring connections from within the mountain timezone in the middle of the US, and indeed favouring everybody else inside the whole US over the rest of the world.
    Not very fair really, and its not fair to get peoples hopes up either.
    Don't get me wrong I would have really appreciated the $100 freebie and would definitely have bought from Sparkfun in future, now I'm not so enthusiastic about it for some reason.

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