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  • Received mine, and I have a stuck pixel :(
    One red led towards one end is stuck at about 15% brightness...next test is to see if its flashing pwm (broken driver) or just tiny current shorting somewhere -- green and blue are flawless.

  • Just received mine (I bought the cracked ones in scratch and dent, but same product)
    What I've found:
    They are awesome!
    Driven to full white from an arduino,
    on a 4.9 volt (when loaded) switchmode power supply
    one 1m strip consumes 1.77 amps, which equates to 8.65 watts per strip.
    Using the sample code included with the strip, I can achieve on the arduino 15ms to shift out 32 leds worth of data (32 x 8 bits x rgb)
    The most boring sample code I could write involving randomizing each led completely, then shifting out was 40ms for generating an array of 32 longs...
    so about 55ms per frame = about 18 frames per second. A better uC could definitely do the math a bit faster, and some lower level shifting code would definitely improve the shift time.
    the 500uS delay to set the colours is totally unnecessary because almost ANY other code you'd loop on an arduino would be sufficient delay so long as you weren't playing with the clock pin. (every uS counts when going for fps speed)
    Temperature: They get noticably warm. When not attached to any surface, they get up to I'd estimate 35-45 degrees C. Really hard to estimate, because they're so light any thermometer I stick to them sinks their heat too much and they cool right down. Imagine a 1 meter long 10 watt heater :D

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