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  • I have a 6 amp 110V sump pump that I would like to switch on and off. Looking at the data sheet for the relay it say 10 amps max, is it safe to switch the sump pump with this? Does 6 amps max mean that the sump pump will not draw more than 6 amps or that it takes 6 amps when it is running?


  • You should be able to just take the xbees out of the loop and use the same instructions, connect the tx that would normally go to xbee 1 to the cable that goes to the rx of xbee 2 and vis versa, then connect the grounds together and ignore the rest of the cables that would normally go to the xbee, hope this helps.
    By the way anyone know when these will be in stock again?

  • How many of the DIO pins are PWM capable?

  • I am trying to go through this tutorial: http://www.ladyada.net/make/xbee/point2point.html with this specific radio and for some reason there is no pan id option in X-CTU. Also it won't respond to the AT commands when using picocom after i issue the +++ see the OK then wait a second. Are these different from the regular XBee modules?

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