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  • i love the out of the box thinking but would have suggested a signal from the Vehicle speed sensor (located on the transmission) I don't know what the honda voltages are but my dodge is 5V. So then you could check it against the GPS sig figure out what the difference was then make corrections to the signal from the VSS (which was reading slow on the stock speedo)
    I am a car nut and am learning a lot more about my complicated car every day. I hope to contribute what I know about cars in exchange for some EE learning!

  • Great idea but very scary way to hook it up to a vehicle! I am a total noob when it comes to most of this EE stuff but right now I am hacking away at my car. Just bought a SCT tuner (reads the PCM and re-writes it). I have a couple items that I would like to make (that's why I am here) for the car but have some questions concerning using items (like an arduino) with the 12V that some of the sensors put out. I would like to make a WOT shift box, (when the gas is all the way to the floor, and the clutch is depressed, send a signal to the vehicle shut down relay to kill the engine for x amount of time to shift without lifting the gas.) and maybe another "widget" or two. What reading would you recommend that I do? Are there better items to use with 12V? or can I use the arduino with a shield that I have yet to read about?

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