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  • News - July Caption Contest | about 10 months ago

    So… as we direct the laser…[depicted here by this scale model]…towards the patients forehead…. we can see how simple this surgery will be in the future..

  • Product PRT-00110 | about a year ago

    Still no MALE??

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    DVI patch fixed it.. =D I’ll stray from the normal DVI cable for the time being…

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    Ok, even worse! A regular hdmi cable plugged in lights the power light even brighter, and this time having a keyboard/mouse plugged doesn’t matter, it stays lit.. Plug the device into power via usb and no display… It looks like it’s booting, the leds for rx/tx sequence… but no display.. Tried the hdmi from my PS3 and I get the same.. =( I’m going to try the patch on the hmdi to dvi that at least gave me some display..

    btw- I’m using a regular usb/mouse from a desktop pc…mouse is in ‘CN1’ and keyboard is in'CN3'.. :)

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    As a matter of fact, yes. I should have thought about that, I think I actually read something about that too.. I’ll try a normal hdmi cable..

  • Product DEV-11712 | about a year ago

    First impressions…. Hmmm… Boots quickly to a very purple screen. If it were VGA I’d think my connector was loose or I had a bent pin.. Same cable/monitor works great on another device…=/ Mine also came with tons of fingerprints all over it?? I try to do a shutdown from the menu, a prompt comes up for root pswd,which goes away before you have a chance to type anything and it never shuts down… works from the cli though…

    I’ll also note that with just hdmi plugged in, no usb devices…. the power led is on about half brightness…??

  • Product WRL-08602 | about 2 years ago

    Can you also share the code changes you made for the fob itself? That’d be a tremendous help!

  • Product CEL-09342 | about 3 years ago

    Am I the only one to try and put headers on this board and plug it into a breadboard? It doesn’t fit, the spacing is correct between each pin but the distance is wrong between the two headers…
    Does anyone have a quick solution to fit these on a proto/bread board?

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