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  • Has anyone run these at 24v? I'm putting these in a mendelmax and I'll have a nice beefy 24v switching supply for the heated bed, as well as a 12v switching for everything else.

    I'm using a sanguinololu board with 4 A4988 drivers. I'll start them off at 12v, but if anyone has run them successfully at 24 I'd like to know.

  • Unfortunately everything I've been able to find for a cable are both too long and too expensive. My solution was free for me, but if you actually use your iPhone earbuds, then this is a $30 solution.

    Handy info from this page: http://www.zerologic.com/blog/iPhone-Headphone-plug-pinouts.html

    And my finished product: pic.twitter.com/OPBHGgGb

  • Stainless is a terrible conductor of heat. Epoxying this inside a SS tube would effective be insulating it from whatever you're trying to measure.

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