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  • The temp sensor is on ADC8 - you really need to use the 1.1v reference to get useful data from it.

  • I see, but it might not maintain reliability outside of “office” temperatures. Having said that the linear region in the atmel datasheet does look slightly simplistic.
    Rather than remove the HP filter, why not turn swap around the Cap and resistor so you have a second order low pass. The ST gyros use a switched capacitor filter internally so they will chuck out a fair bit of high frequency harmonics. Aliasing problems may crop up with high performance stuff. Also atmega only has a 10bit ADC, and the noise from the ST gyros is going to be around 0.2lsb RMS or thereabouts. Maybe a LPC with your bootloader would be nicer, or perhaps two versions - atmega and LPC.

  • From the schematic it appears this is using a 16MHz crystal with a 3.3v supply to the atmega328? According to the atmega328 datasheet the max clock speed is 13.33MHz @ 3.3v supply.

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