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  • It's interesting to see the proposed methods of destruction are mostly fire, explosions, thermite, etc.. I predict that the one that wins won't burn at all.
    I am envisioning some sort of ice-cream maker bot that makes insta-popsicles or something with liquid nitrogen, but it's main structural components are made of a plastic or other material that's incredibly fragile when supercooled. So, it makes some ice cream, shoots it out at the crowd or making a pointless, frozen mess, then spills the liquid nitrogen all over itself and cracks under it's own weight and shatters. EPIC WIN!

  • I'd like to use this power supply circuit on a larger PCB for a widget I'm designing in Eagle. Does anyone know where I can source the NCP1400? Digikey and Mouser list them, but don't seem to stock them.

  • I'll be there both days with my wife. She surprised me with tickets for my birthday. Right now, I'm sitting in a hotel in San Leandro and I just used the hotel printer to print out the entire schedule, and map, etc. Gotta make that game plan!
    Hoping to take the SMD class, planning my route to make a bee-line to the SparkFun booth. Should be a good time!

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