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  • Yes. This I2C Master Librarywas written because of this very problem while trying to interface to an MMA8451Q.

  • Just a note to Arduino users, Freescale's MMA845x series accelerometers won't work with the Wire library because these devices require the use of a repeated start.

  • You might want to consider updating the eagle part specs in your library. The datasheet shows a no pattern area under the connector, however the eagle part does not use a tRestrict region. I just noticed this when I did a polygon fill and it filled in the area underneath the connector.

  • Just bit of info about using the T-Mobile prepaid SIM cards (that's what I bought also), if you're going to do any testing with receiving/reading SMS messages you can call the T-Mobile voicemail number(from a regular phone) punch in the cellphone number and use the option to send a numeric page to the phone and the page comes across the phone as an SMS message but it does not deduct from the minutes on the plan......

  • Does anyone know if you have to have an antenna hooked up to the module to receive a signal? I forgot to purchase an antenna when I ordered the module and I didn't want to damage the unit by powering it up without an antenna if one is needed. Thanks.

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