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  • All i can say is finally! I've been waiting for this for months ever since I suggested it back in January. Can't wait till you have it back in stock.

  • I've got a cart full of sensors, hardware, and XBees and as soon as you get that breakout board done for the BMP085 I'm going to hit order. Can't wait. Great stuff this time around.

  • Does anyone have any real world experience on the range of these? I want to transmit line of sight, except one wall at my end, for 4km. Has anyone done this? If so, what antennas did you use?

  • Great to see SF carrying this product. I can`t wait to try it. Looks hard to solder, any plans for a breakout board?

  • I was initially disappointed at not even getting a change to pay for my order (wanted to buy $200 worth of stuff). But your willingness to give us your stats and even present them in colorful graphs does much to appease my feelings of loss. I'll buy some stuff when I see some pretty graphs. Oh and who doesn't like animated gifs? hint, hint

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