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  • "I find your fauxhawk udderly frightening"

  • This is a great little lcd. When I first wired it up, the backlight was shorted (accidentally) against my 5v rail, so i got some magic smoke, and burnt to LEDs but it re-soldered the offending joints and it works very well now. Something to note: the refresh and write times are much, much slower if you use 5 volt logic. I stuck in a logic level converter and it ran at least 5x faster.

  • The HV and LV pins are what cause the MOSFET to work. Essentially, the input signal controls how much current flows between HV and TXO. In order for the converter to work, LV needs to be connected to the logic high voltage (most likely vcc) of your lower voltage circuit, and the HV pin needs to be connected to the logic high voltage of your higher voltage circuit (also most likely that circuit's vcc)

  • It should, just be sure to use the TX channels with the mosfets, in order to get your PWM highs to be exactly your LV.

  • Ok, I know this is a ridiculous question, maybe I just didnt have enough coffee this morning. Is this connector male or female? If its female, its exactly what I need, so my fingers are crossed.

  • You can purchase the inverter by itself right here:
    Also FYI sparkfun, 'inveter' should have an 'r' in the product title....

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