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  • My worry is 5 or 10 years from now (or sooner) the cloud connection will disappear and I'll have to throw away any work I've done developing it. I don't like subscription web-based options. I want to run my own server.

  • I've made more of these flashlights and instead of using diodes I have switched to a 6.8 ohm resistor. This pulls about 87 mA on a full 3V which seems to be about right for a 2 AA cell flashlight.

  • Wow I loved this LED. I put it into a one dollar flashlight along with two extra diodes to drop voltage and Wah-La! I have a very powerful red flashlight for under three bucks!

  • This has been a good programmer for me for 18F pics. Just make sure you get a pic that's compatible with ICPROG. You may also have to fiddle with some of the timing settings and do verify code if having any problems. For entry level this is great programmer! Expect some learning curve if you are doing this first time. Take your hex code from mplab and load that into ICPROG.

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