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  • I spent at least 4-hours typing in CAPTHCA's and didn't win this year. I figure if I submitted one every 15-seconds I did close to 1000 CAPTCHA's. Not fun at all.

    With this year's process, I didn't like the fact that not only did I have to get the CAPTCHA right, but I also had to be the lucky random winner. So, while it might have been my time to be the lucky winner, maybe I misread/typed the CAPTCHA.

    On the plus side, I did sound very busy at work with all the typing.

    I have been a winner in past Free Days so I am okay not winning this year. I am also okay if I never have to fill out another CAPTCHA.

    Thank you SF Team for being so generous. You guys rock!

  • Does this come with a DataLogger? If not, how would one hook-up the OpenLog to this?

  • Did you take into account Shipping? Shipping from RobotShop is close to $13; only $6 from SF.
    The cable is $21 from RobotShop so it comes out to be the same, if not a little more from RS.

  • I got stuck on the final submit page for the last hour of FSD. I think they did a great job at frustrating thousands of potential customers.
    Great idea, poorly executed.

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