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  • When did you do this? I can't find the 200mb plan you speak of. Did you purchase the SIM and activate at the same time?

  • I bought two of the smaller versions of this display and reprogrammed it via the standard Arduino software to run a custom sketch. I see no reason why any of what you said wouldn't work. I removed the bulk of the Sparkfun code, leaving only the code that drives the LED segments, and added my own code to turn it into a programmable, auto-resetting timer. This required that I re-use most of the IO pins.

    I just purchased two of these larger displays for the same project. It appears many of the links in the description are broken, however the schematic link works. I am currently looking at what changes I need to make to allow my code to work on this new display.

    I do wish a few of the pads were labeled better.

    The questions I have: Which pin on the FTDI breakout is pin '1'? Is the unlabeled pad next to the AVR the reset pin? Can anyone confirm if the RAW and VCC pins are the same?

  • Perfect timing! I've been using the smaller version of these, loaded with some custom firmware, as airsoft spawn timers. They work great, but the displays needed to be a little bigger. I've just been asked to build two more timers, I'll be using these displays.


  • I'm looking for a different charger to charge these batteries. I'm looking for a simple, plug it in and leave it kind of charger. I'm developing a device who's users won't have the "know how" to use the charger listed below.
    Any suggestions?

  • Any idea if this would work through glass? I really want to add a keypad based entry to my wife's car, and a capacitive keypad would allow me to keep the electronics inside the card.

  • Does anyone have any code for this module they want to share? I'm considering this for a project and would love to see what others have used it for.

  • How about a robot that can type?
    The demo starts -- the robot is controlled via serial terminal and has a menu or command line.
    The builder tests the robot by typing a command:

    The robot waves.
    The robot's eyes blink.
    This goes on for a few minutes with a few different commands.
    Then the builder types this command:
    The robot 'wakes up', looks around, and types a few of the same commands the builder did.
    The robot is curious as to what it can do..
    Then the robot executes a 'help' command.
    It gets a large list of commands.
    Then tries the commands one at a time, in order.
    Each does something interesting.
    Then, the last command is die.
    The robot executes this command and dies in some impressive manner. (short circuits, falls apart, etc)
    Could you use a bunch electro magnets to hold the bot together then cut power to make it fall apart.

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