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Country: United States

  • Bill's first attempt at adding a bio-electrical modification to his own body was a success. But the judges felt that he could have cleaned up and miniaturized the design significantly.

  • Here at Sparkfun we quality-control test every new shipment of solder before selling it to you. You can rest assured that cheap knock-off rosin core solder will never explode in your face... again.

  • Ayeeeeeee! -Da Fonz.

  • Arduino-controlled camcorder with GPS, 4G network, Wifi, 6-axis force meter and a 12V battery: CHECK! Classy project box to hide it all away in: NOT-SO CHECK!

  • If you think soldering all of these LEDs was hard, you should try sourcing 720,000 LEDs in pastel colors some time!

  • Muttley felt self-conscious at having no opposable thumbs, but he was bound and determined to take that SMD soldering class. They said anyone can learn, he's well over 15 in dog years and has already bought the Simon kit!

  • Loki sneaks in to short out a few random items AFTER they've been quality checked. Muahahaha!

  • To keep from scaring any possibly counterfeit chips Justin had to resort to wearing a disguise. The hidden battleaxe only comes out when they have been verified.

  • I think it's just a ball being used as a diffuser for the usual 3-color LED project. ... Except that I only see 3 wires going to it instead of 4. Hrmmm....


  • I felt the love in the first one, and only vicariously felt the love these last 2 times. But it's still worth it... aching hands and all. :>

    Being a hacker (READ: Programmer, NOT cracker) I was kind of confused by the Captcha responses. I even tried some tests at getting them wrong, just to figure out what was going on. Reading the writeup today shows some of where I was wrong. I've come up with what I think is a logic map of the system.

    If you get it right, you get a conciliatory message. If you get the real word right, and the random letters ALMOST right, you get a conciliatory message. If you get the real word wrong at all, you fail. If you get it totally wrong, you fail. I cannot speak as to the success condition, as I did not find any. :>