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  • I don't see a time condition in that procedure. So that means that it's not new products. It's just listing products by date and most recent gets listed first!!! Code Review Fail!

    Because I like sparkfun and I want sparkfun to succeed I'm going to forget that you're lying to me.. That goes against my better judgement, because my Ex wife lied to me and you can see how that went... Let's kiss and make up.

    I would like to request that spark fun make it so that the new product listing only contains the products that have been on spark fun for say two months or so. I would also like to see Spark Fun create a sixth category that lists all the spark fun products by date with the newest products at the top of that listing. Please.

    Spark Liar, I'm sorry you're going to have to eat that one because it's true. I'll take it back when you fix it.

  • eh don't read them. Know what I think is missing a good tutorial on how to build a 3D printer. Or a 3D printer kit or something like that... Seems like spark fun missed the boat on that one..

  • First lets make one thing clear. I was not making fun of Ada Fruits Pink Hair. I like her Hair and her business is going well so it seems to be helping her. So more pink hair the better.

    I want both ada fruit and spark fun to do well, but I would like to see spark fun do a little better. Don't let the pink hair fool slow you down!

  • You know I did think the reuse lath cooling oil was good, but still sub par than what ada fruit is doing. I do like According to Pete those are really good. Never was really interested in the Engineering Round Tables... Just not interesting or fun enough for me I guess... It's been awhile since I've seen something from Spark Fun that I thought was outstanding and went above and beyond.. The old phone into cell phone hack and large game controller was really cool. and the clock was really cool.

  • You didn't just tell me I'm wrong and you work for spark fun. Spark Fun know's that the customer is always right and Spark Fun can take constructive criticism. I went a little to far with the "Chelsea the Destroyed" comment, but that name was too fun to not make fun of and I couldn't resist. Sorry.

    My whole point is I want a better product post, I want good demo video's and I want to read about spark fun on slashdot and other major media sites.

  • New Product Video's is Advertising SparkFun Products and it is not uncommon for products advertising budgets to exceed their development budget. If they did a demo every week then just in terms off odds each week that demo could turn up on slashdot or engadget or wired or some other high traffic tech site. Think of all the traffic that would generate for sparkfun.

  • You know Microsoft released Windows 1.0 probably about 30 years ago... I didn't bother to look but does sparkfun have products that are say two years old that are still on the new products list? Tell me I'm wrong, but seeing that the list is 45 pages long... I doubt I am... False Advertising.

    Come on Spark Fun.. Don't lose your edge because I would hate to have Spark Fun become Spark Boring, or Spark Annoying.or Spark Ouch or Spark Rip Off... You know your name is really easy to make fun of..... So come on Spark Fun Get it together you can do it GO GO GO!!!

  • The new Product Post is a staple at Spark Fun. It's the reason why I come here every Friday and I anticipate every new Friday product because I laugh and I think it's really cool! Think about that statement for a minute. If there's one person is screaming then that means many people are screaming. I'm so annoyed.

    It is a money maker for Spark Fun and it is the main reason I follow Spark Fun on a daily basis. It also gives me a really good idea of what something actually does and looks like. Which is a major problem in the electronics field. If you guys are putting the New Product Post below something else then you have your priorities messed up. If the new product post has less than 10k investment a week then I would say it's too low. It should be upwards of like 30k.

    I know doing that finding new products is hard, but SFE has been doing it for so long you'd think they'd have a process for it and get pretty good at it. They used to be pretty good at it, but now they're slacking off. Plus, they are building a building? Your telling me a company who can build a building can't build a few more widgets per week now? Sorry, NO SALE!!!! Give me a break!! Hire some more help or something!!

    AVC was cool. Think Tour? Please... Go around the country teach kids and educators about basic electronics which they could get at any local community college and promote sparkfun while doing it... please.....

    I expect better and I know spark fun can do it!!!

  • The last thing I saw that was cool was the rover demo's and the speaker scare box.. That was cool

  • I'm just saying that I think sparkfun is slipping and if you like Adafruit so much then I guess I'll just go buy all my parts from them. Then Chelsea the Destroyer will become Chelsea the Destroyed. Nate can sell his company and retire at 30 to someplace like Aurba or something.

    But I don't want that, and I don't think you want that and I'm pretty sure Nate isn't ready to retire yet either! So come on... Stop slackin off and go go go!! You can do it!

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