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  • This looks very cool, but too expensive. I could buy a cell phone for less.

  • What is the accuracy for under 3 feet. I'm looking for a sensor that can measure at less then a mm, but I don't need the distance. (sonic sensors just aren't accurate enough).

  • I'm looking at cost. I don't understand how the edison fits in with robot building at all. Current prices are Edison costs $55 GPIO connector $16 PWM $22

    So we are already talking about close to $100 for just the electronics. The must be a cheaper solution, for that type of power. Maybe I'm misguided but I really think that Intell has priced themselves out of the hobby market.

  • Well comparing apples to apples, it's a different board totally then the arduino, although they are trying to sell it as such. (The arduino shield converter). Blue tooth and wifi are cheap. Heres a BT for $2.42 and here's a wifi for $4.50 took me all of 2 minutes searching. So the price without the bt and wifi should be around $47, using retail prices. It's now equilent to a pi but not as fast, and no video.

    It's smaller which is a good thing, but it still seems very expensive to me.

  • Isn't this priced quite high compared to other similar products. RaspberryPI includes video and usb interface for less. Arduino has similar functionality for same cost, (you would need shields for wifi)

    OK it comes with bluetooth and wifi, but those are very cheap addons, if I can get a usb wifi dongle for less then $5.00 at the dollar store, it shouldn't add much to the price of these boards.

    Intel has come late to this market and are pricing themselves higher then the competition. I guess they believe that the brand name will carry them. IMHO

  • Huh. I got it into my cart but couldn't check out fast enough. Doesn't seem fair. Here I am in line at the checkout. Someone TAKES something from my cart and jumps in front of me, while I'm typing in my paypal address.

  • How about showing us the table of contents so we can see if there is anything in there that we couldn't find just looking up on the web. It's nice to have a reference book but often these books end up being pre 101 course level.

  • What happens when a rainbow explodes...

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