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  • Funny, I have never had "verify code after upload" enabled and haven't had an issue since I installed the IDE.

  • Very slick! I would love more info on your setup. Any links/code/etc for the project?

  • Excellent handling by Fluke. Very rare for a company to take that sort of action when all that happened was they were protected by the rights previously granted to them. Also, excellent handling by Sparkfun in donating the units rather than selling them. Good will spawns good will. Can't get much better than that!

    As for Fluke's products..... When I need to care about the results I get from a meter, I only use Fluke. Period.

  • "Black Shoelace" (may not make any sense, but hey, the arrow is pointing to it, so it must be the correct answer.....)

  • I got as far as this one and decided not to enter. This is a shoe-in! +∞

  • Awesome!

  • The office ergonomics initiative took an odd turn when they hired the new guy unfortunately named "Ergo".

  • This picture would make a lot more sense you could see the unicycle he is sitting on......

  • Nice write-up and thanks for sharing your experience. At work, we manufactured a product for a customer that had the SHT11 and the customer was unaware of the rehydration notes. I actually discovered it while reviewing the datasheet for other reasons. Keep in mind though that Sensirion does not declare it as a requirement and the risk of offset readings can be minimal in some cases. Per the additional comments in the datasheet and from my experience, finished goods that were stored in a typical warehouse in normal packaging for several weeks, would not show any signs of offset readings. The polymer rehydrated from the natural environment which had a typical humidity of 35-45%. Even though the customer did not follow the procedure for close to a year, they never had any issues with the ~3,000 units that were manufactured. (every single unit was validated for accuracy during deployment of the product at an install site)

  • The implementation was driven by the company's field tech(s), but a lot of leg work was done by our internal staff as well. The system runs on a foundation of Cogiscan's hardware/software...(cogiscan.com). As for MRP, we are using Infor LN (http://www.infor.com/product_summary/erp/ln/) and with the right set of skilled people, it works well. It is really not designed for a CM like us, but should be much better for a small OEM like Sparkfun. Much cheaper than SAP (which I loved at my last employer, Jabil). I don't recall the system we had at HP when I was there in the early 90s.

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