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  • It's scary how the machine's noise almost syncs up with the Beatles' "With a Little Help From my Friends" in the background.

  • Nvm, contradicting myself, VOR frequencies were altered a few years back to 9.960GHz. Most of the allocation tables that Google chucks as top results are moderately old, but the latest FCC table as revised Sept. 2008 has 535Mhz to 1.605GHz as reserved for general broadcasting. Although it appears to be a very recent(2007~) change.

  • grumbles to himself please delete this and above post....

  • As said with the other camera, this uses a restricted frequency, and anyone who buys one should know that there is a potential to be fined by the FCC.

  • Although standard use of aeronautical VOR navigation centers on 960Mhz, indeed 960MHz to 1.215GHz is a restricted frequency band. I highly suggest you cease distribution of these lest you incur the FCC's wrath; not to mention seriously mess with some air traffic.

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