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  • Product DEV-11546 | about a year ago

    No, not srsly. None left.

  • News - December Caption Contest | about a year ago

    “Who” is ready for Christmas? This Guy!

  • Product ROB-11162 | about 2 years ago

    So, I’ve been doing a bit of research. There are a few gotchas with arduino & this car:

    • The ATmega48 does not support a bootloader section (see page 7 of the ATmega48/88/168 Manual ). Consequently you’ll need to use an AVR programmer or “Arduino as ISP” option.
    • Secondly, the program posted above makes use of Timer options that the Arduino suite doesn’t support out of the box.
    • It makes use of timer0 for the steering & arduino uses this for the Arduino millis() and micros() functions (I’m not sure what impact this will have…)

    I’m posting my notes, code & other errata on my googlecode project page. If anyone is interested in collaborating, please let me know.

  • Product ROB-11162 | about 2 years ago

    If you do rewrite the code in arduino, please post it. I’m interested.

  • Product ROB-11162 | about 2 years ago

    Just got my I-Racer this week. They’ve updated the board layout (no version number, but QA date in box is 2012.05.31). (You may want to consider updating the images on the product page?)

    Anyway, the new version has pins A2-A5 broken out. With these pins, you’ve got access to the I2C (TWI) pins, so one could presumably connect another device that supports that protocol (another uC like arduino, OpenServo, various sensors, etc.) This is a very exciting development, indeed!

  • News - A Good Ol' Fashioned Capt… | about 2 years ago

    The Viking employees are always confused the first time they see the PICAXE bin

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