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  • “Landing strip for inverted flight!”… “What do you think is going to happen when the guy on the table smacks his head into those wires in the ceiling?”… “At Sparkfun, we even have hecklers that stand on conference tables.”… “The Christmas budget isn’t what it was last year…”… “Yeah - we get paid to do this.”… “75% Productivity at Sparkfun!!”… “It was cold and dark in the conference room…”… “Our new performance chart!”… “Powerpoint just wasn’t good enough.”… “One way or another, somebody’s going to get sued…”…

  • “Watts up w/ THAT?!?”… “It’s ‘Screw Green’ day here at Sparkfun!”… “So, four guys walk into a Sparkfun conference room…”…. “Watch This…”…. “The new Idea room is coming along nicely!”… “No, really, it’s safe!”… “We don’t screw in light bulbs, we solder them!”… “Don’t tell the building inspector…”… “Sooner or later, they’re going to realize 18 ga just isn’t enough.”… “They’re playing a game called Pop the Circuit Breaker”… “Ok, so, I’ll joke around while you guys do all of the work.”… “The projector bulb went out, so we had this idea…”… Do I get disqualified for posting more than 1? :D

  • Double Posted. :)

  • This is a great board. I wouldn’t mind a PWM-specific version (breaking out all 12 PWM channels, serial, I2C), something with less GPIO in a smaller package along with provided but not installed headers… Might have to give BatchPCB a try. :)

  • Working fine, very cool product (my first Arduino). The orange LED is REALLY BRIGHT compared to red and green! Is this to be expected? The Micro B USB jack is not as rugged as a Mini B (like Pololu has on their servo controllers), but it is a good bit smaller! I really like that this Arduino is tiny compared to the others (and is why I finally bought an Arduino).

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