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  • I was connecting a 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini to a 5V SRF05 Ultra-Sonic Ranger in Mode 2 (single pin for Trigger and Echo.) I could not get it to work for anything using TX_LV and TX_HV (plus HV, LV, and ground connected.) I think the pull-up resistors were the problem. Finally I tried using RX_LV and RX_HV (plus ground), and it worked just fine. I hope this will help someone else.

  • I can't believe the people that are mad at SparkFun; they did it with good intent, and they certainly didn't owe you anything.

  • I started trying to log-in at 08:40 Mountain Time, I never even got the Log-in page to load until about 10:50; by then it was over. Why did some people get better connectivity than others?

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