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  • I don't want to add fuel, but Its hard not to compare this & the Solarbotics version and not notice how close the two are. There are differences; but compare with open eyes.
    If the guys at Solarbotics created a v2.0 with these same additions, everyone would jump on it as a clone, and I think the same should be said in reverse.
    Carbon Film resistors - the SB version doesn't use current monitoring - the resistors are there to limit LED current and to tie enable pins high.
    30V Diodes - yep, this is what they are. Standard 5818 diodes - substitutable with 1N4007 if preferred for the 1000V reverse breakdown voltage. (Hobby robotics I seriously doubt run any risk of popping those diodes. They are only there for Back-EMF
    Bigger - allows for standoffs. The SB is labeled as 'Compact Motor Driver' - size is a consideration.
    We use the SB version in my robotics club and love it. I think Cana-kit could have given a nod in their direction as inspiration - at the very least.

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