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  • You know what is a nice dream? A nice, universal programming language that actually becomes universal. Not one that wants to be, but is only used by some people, and so it becomes yet another in a long list of languages to use. But, I doubt that will happen anytime soon, so the best thing for now is to be the best you can in one, and dabble to learn others as you go.

  • It's so much fun seeing all the new RFID things they keep making. RFID will be a gateway into so many cook things, from medical records implanted under the skin, to what we already have, such as keyless home entry with RFID cards and such. We may end up with all financial transactions being done with RFID implanted into your arm, or hand. Might be a while, but who knows?

  • Seeing this thing get going quickly is a must! Lube up that center bearing, crank up the juice and go! On a serious note, this is a cool little project. No actual real use for it, but it sure is fun to watch. It is amazing how these spinners have taken over so quickly. But they came in quick, they will disappear quick.

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