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  • Things were going great for WiFly and I until today. I use WiFly on the SparkFun RedBot. Way better than XBee for me since I am using Python on my computer which talks directly to WiFly via socket connection (see pymata-aio for more there). Anyway RedBot uses 3.3V on the power rail but the Rx and Tx connect straight to the WiFly’s Tx and Rx. So there is a 5v concern on Arduino’s 5v Tx to WiFly’s Rx. It actually has worked for a few weeks on the XBee HW Serial option. No problems! I’m getting lucky I guess. But for only 1 day I used the XBee SW Serial option on the RedBot and that equaled WiFly death within an hour. :( Any thoughts why the RedBot 5v lines from the HW Tx was fine, but the SoftwareSerial Tx was 5 volts of death? I looked at the RedBot schematic: https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Robotics/RedBot_v12.pdf and honestly I’m not sure why SoftwareSerial was death to my WiFly, but HW serial has been fine for weeks. Any thoughts? Did I just get unlucky or will the new WiFly I ordered last an hour too? :) I can just stick with HW serial, but I’d like to use SW serial for WiFly setup.

    So SparkFun I’d love to get a 5v tolerant version of this board. It’s absolutely the perfect match for RedBot if you are using Python or another program that can make a simple TCP socket connection. LOVE to use it with more confidence on RedBot rather than hoping 5v coming in to Rx survives the day. :)

  • Thanks. Eventually I found that in the documentation too. My bad for asking. I like that the accelerometer board passes those pins through to allow for more I2C fun.

  • If I want to connect an I2C LCD should it be possible to just use the Sensor 4 and Sensor 5 pins? I can’t see any reason why that shouldn’t work as an I2C connection so I thought I’d ask. :)


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