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  • Sorry, I never actually got it to work. I thought I had soldered it correctly, connecting the jumper between the pull-up resistor and the /IRQ header, however upon further testing it was not connected properly. Further attempts to fix the jumper resulted in the destruction of the pcb trace connected to the /IRQ pin on the chip. Unfortunately I do not have the proper equipment to solder directly to the chip pins.

  • Sparkfun, on the next batch, will you fix the PCB? As stated earlier, there is no connection between \IRQ (interrupt pin) and the output header. The connection is present in the schematic, but missing in the PCB. This pin is essential to let the micro know when to read data without resorting to polling.
    Other than that problem (I got around it using a jumper wire), this item is great for adding additional serial ports. In the near future I'll be releasing some code for Arduino using the I2C port.

  • Is there any reason why this would not work at a baud rate lower than 300 bps?

  • This shield should have a 6-pin header and 2 2-pin headers. Currently, it only comes with 8-pin headers. The shield will not be fully functional with this arrangement.

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