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  • News - Does It Matter Which Brow… | about 5 months ago

    We currently have available two diffferent ports of “Origyn Web Browser”, which is webkit based. There IS a platform-specific port of FireFox called “Timberwolf” that is getting quite close to ready, but there are still a few wrinkles to iron out. I believe there are a few text browsers as well, but I have not yet tried them.

  • News - Does It Matter Which Brow… | about 5 months ago

    Working from AmigaOS4 limits my browser choices.. Neither Firefox nor Chrome are available. Kudos to Sparkfun for providing and article and comments section that do NOT require Flash nor other unnecessary options. Basic HTML, even if it is a fallback, is far better than just blocking anyone who does not have the latest Flash/Acrobat/Java/Whatever is cool this week.

  • Product DEV-11546 | about a year ago

    I withdraw the question. It is here, arrived quickly, well packed. I added a (sparkfun) 1A power supply, and a 4G Class 10 SD card that I prepared according to the pi page, and it booted perfectly the first time.

    Overall, VERY impressed with the entire experience.

    After the holidays, I’ll try to make it into a print server.

  • Product DEV-11546 | about a year ago

    I’m sure this is the oft asked question.. I ordered one, and it was “back-ordered”, as expected. (This was before back-orders were stopped, apparently)

    Is there any idea, even a rough estimate, of a delivery time?


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