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  • Otto Mation.. he really needs a sense of direction. Perhaps "Moe Mentum". would work as well.

  • FTDI's reputation will rest on the quality of their devices and drivers. This is far better than trying to support/fix whatever half baked knock-offs that seek to profit by falsely branding their product as FTDI chips. As I said in my first post, the only way they can assure quality is if they are supporting their own devices. These "other" chip makers are welcome to keep making their chips.. just not under the brand of FTDI. That way, they can develop or lose their own quality controls without blemishing the reputation of a company that has already built a reputation of qualty. Let's look at this another way.. there are two other fairly big makers of serial chips. While their products MIGHT be as good as FTDIs are, I won't use them, simply because there are too many lower-quality knock-offs on the market. Allowing others to impersonate your product reduces your perceived value to that of the worst products that are falsely bearing your brand. Or to put it another way, what is "branding" all about? It's a mark that signifies the maker of any product, for the purpose of being able to discern quality from crap. A brand holder must take reasonable measures to make sure that crap is not bearing their label. otherwise labels, brands, and quality standards are all useless. FTDI is making the right moves to protect their brand. Anything less would be foolish.

  • Absolutely agree with FTDI on this one. The unchecked proliferation of "counterfeit" chips not only hurts their business, but also their reputation for quality. When a poorly designed clone doesn't work as advertised, FTDI gets blamed. It is BECAUSE FTDI takes active measures against counterfeiters that they have a better reputation for quality than any of the others. And that's why I have always preferred their products.

  • I have this board in a project, and have never been able to make it work. Using "tested" software that works for others, connections double (and triple) checked.

    The driver can not mount the card at all. I am wired for 4 bit (six wire plus power and ground) comms.

    After reading the comments.. is there some error in the board wiring or labeling? Maybe I'll drop back to 2 wire mode and see if that works any better.

    Thanks, Lyle

  • We currently have available two diffferent ports of "Origyn Web Browser", which is webkit based. There IS a platform-specific port of FireFox called "Timberwolf" that is getting quite close to ready, but there are still a few wrinkles to iron out. I believe there are a few text browsers as well, but I have not yet tried them.

  • Working from AmigaOS4 limits my browser choices.. Neither Firefox nor Chrome are available. Kudos to Sparkfun for providing and article and comments section that do NOT require Flash nor other unnecessary options. Basic HTML, even if it is a fallback, is far better than just blocking anyone who does not have the latest Flash/Acrobat/Java/Whatever is cool this week.

  • I withdraw the question. It is here, arrived quickly, well packed. I added a (sparkfun) 1A power supply, and a 4G Class 10 SD card that I prepared according to the pi page, and it booted perfectly the first time.

    Overall, VERY impressed with the entire experience.

    After the holidays, I'll try to make it into a print server.

  • I'm sure this is the oft asked question.. I ordered one, and it was "back-ordered", as expected. (This was before back-orders were stopped, apparently)

    Is there any idea, even a rough estimate, of a delivery time?


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