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  • Letter in 2 parts to
    Part Two:
    Site users from such sites as have spread the word across the whole of the web 2.0 internet spamming sites with complaints about what they have perceived as injustice. Do a search of the AACS key to see how one C&D letter turned into posts on over 200,000 pages, youtube videos with tens of thousands of views to t-shirts and even tattoos!
    This is only a small sampling of the unintended consequences that has inflicted other companies in the past. Imagine the sheer volume of national news-worthy shenanigans that an utterly devoted legion of loyal followers of sparkfun could create.
    Google "Monster Cable" and read on the first page how stupid and evil the company is.
    I hope that your efforts to silence sparkfun, is simply the overenthusiastic actions of your legal staff.
    The legal system is already choked with frivolous lawsuits. please do not add this one to the growing pile.
    Respectfully, D. Snider

  • Letter in two parts to
    Part One:
    To whom it may concern:
    Leave Sparkfun ALONE!
    Do you think that your customers whose budgets for systems run into the millions of dollars are stupid enough to confuse a reseller of $19.00 soldering kits with your products?!
    This is a company that has earned the unequaled devotion of a legion of teachers, students, and horror of horrors, software and hardware hackers!
    Can you imagine the "Streisand Effect" of you attacking a small company that caters to a devoted following of tech heads?
    In the past, hundreds of "shame sites" have sprouted up overnight to shame companies in the public spotlight such as,,, etc . . .

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