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  • After further investigation, this card does NOT connect the CD/DAT3 line from the SD card to the SD slot. So unless you don't need DAT3, this card is not for you!

  • I just got one of these and tried using it with my SD card and my laptop SD card slot. I took an SD card that has data on it and can be read and written to reliably by my laptop without this SD sniffer involved. I then put this SD Sniffer between the laptop and SD card. Every time I plug in the board with the SD card securely plugged in I get a message on the Windows laptop that says you need to format the disk in Drive F:. Then if I remove the SD Sniffer card and plug the SD card directly back into the laptop it reads and writes it just fine. The SD CLK line is running at 50MHz. Is this SD Sniffer intended to run at this rate?

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