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  • I wish something like this was available for rectangular packages (instead of square). My real need for breakout boards is for connectors that are supposed to be boardmount which I need to cable. 0.5 mm pitch is just too small to do wires directly to the connector (and have it not break at a whisper). It would be awesome if this came for rectangular packages. Right now I am using OM-TSOP-2 from this site: but really, it is too big.
    I'm sure sparkfun could make it better anyway, right? :)
    That aside...breakout boards for these tiny surface mount pins are fantastic because sometimes you just need to use them but don't have time/resources to make an entire card.

  • Silly question, but what's the maximum current draw I can put through this on a sustained level before risking a burn out?

  • I think this is a great kit even for the slightly more experienced. Reason being, it is a real pain in the you know what to be in the middle of something and need a part, particularly if it's late at night. So it's handy to have kits like this around to raid from, unless you have enough space and forethought to keep your own private electronics supply. Though admittedly if you do as I do and buy extra every time you do something you will get your own selection soon enough...which can be added to the great little parts box! Though I agree it'd be awesome if this had a roll of resistors...come on, even a handful of 1k and 10k's would be awesome since you can make most of the other values by being smart w/series parallel combos. But the trimpot can take the place of a resistor temporarily, so good enough.

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