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  • Am I invisible now?

  • Assuming that you can live with volts being denoted by an ‘U’, all you need to think of is Uri (as In Uri Geller - you know, the guy with the spoon) U=R*I -> URI (and for power, PUI).. so Uri and Pui..

    another analogy: object oriented programming is like a box. the class is the whole box - everything is contained inside. inside the class you can have objects as well, like the box or the lid of the box

    the objects can have methods that works on objects - for example, open the lid or, put something in or take something out of the box. the box can have a hidden area (private variables) that can only be seen if you’re inside the box. but you can also have writing on the side of the box (public variables). You can put buttons on the box (public methods) or you can put the buttons inside the box (private methods)

    You can put boxes inside other boxes, put a lot of boxes on top of each other (just look at the new products videos) - I’m talking about inheritance and arrays here.. the box example could most likely be improved to be even more covering.. it’s just a start :)

    (this was written before I saw other box analogies..)

  • Thanks for the clarification :)

  • sooo.. why does it say WS2811 on the board if it is a WS2812? isn’t it the WS2811 which is the combination of a RGB LED and a WS2801? oh, the similatities..


  • Be careful comrades, the tip is veeery hot

  • I remember meeting Nate and the crew on their tour to the Danish hackerspaces Illutron, Labitat and of course Copenhagen Suborbitals. I don’t think that I have met a CEO with such humble attitude towards his field. Completely ackknowledging the fact that thare are thousands of people around the world working with electronics every day each in their own field of expertice and still so very focused on the overall goal of making electronics available easy and fun to everybody (or as many as possible).

    I am not trying to suck up to you guys but I think you have a unique position on the electronics scene - The will and power to teach and tell all that are interested, that electronics can be more than just a tiny blob on a PCB and more than an alien schematic inside a computer screen. For me, sparkfun helps bringing ideas to life and that is what it is all about!

  • Yes, those are owligator clips…

  • “Exacly how is this going to help explain the concepts of DA conversion???”

  • Nice presentation! Just gave me a couple of ideas for a wall-based toy for my kid :) I always imagine the capacitor as a bucket that has to be filled with water (current). The resistor adjusts how quickly the bucket can be filled and the treshold is the size of the bucket (where it overflows). putting a finger on the cap increases the bucket size.. well, it is just me :)

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