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  • News - Phonetic Search | about 3 years ago

    3XC3LL3n7! fin@Lly I C@n R3lax @nd L37 7He c0mpLeXI7i35 0F my Lit3Rary P@lL3t sH0W y0u @ll th3 d3p7h 0F my Ch@r@c73r!

  • Product TOL-10326 | about 3 years ago

    Well he could always just plug into the mains and wear heat resistant gloves… Slap some propane on that motha and you got a torch. horatio_caine()
    { I bet that would “Spark” some “Fun.” (Yeaaaaahhhhh!);

  • Product TOL-10326 | about 3 years ago

    void rant() {
    Is this the only thing in your cart? Sir… $10 shipping is pritty standard from my exp…
    One thing is true, it Pays to get more at once. I only paid $14 for express shipping on my freeday order of over $50.

  • News - The EyeWriter Initiative | about 3 years ago

    Hey! I saw that Sony Playstation Camera being hacked for the CCD. Wow Playstation tech being hacked gave someone back their ability to create. If only we could install linux on that magical lifesaving box…. But realy… Who would want to do that? Oh well some People just are bad apples I guess…

  • News - Gravatar! | about 3 years ago

    Yay! Something to distract me from the coming IPV4 ARPAgeddon! It’s Free day for every website for 6 months…. but there’s no questions or free stuff…. just intermittent internet down time…. for everything….
    Oh well it’s not going to be that bad…

  • News - Free Day Recap Video | about 3 years ago

    Well I think that was the idea. I did not get all the parts I needed so now I’ll be pushing another Benjamin their way to finish prototying my project… Then even more when I start populating boards… Sparkfun free day, funding your addiction™ (I totaly want credit for that if you use that SFE…. I’ll settle for a LCD-09051 and a GPS-09159 with GPS-00177 ^_- )

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