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  • I should have read the comments. This case doesn't fit.

    I bought the Pi Cam V2 with this case https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14028

    The camera module does not align with the central hole nor does the case close with the camera inside.

    Images: http://imgur.com/a/tdvVu

  • I got the following readings on the 4 I ordered: 0V, 0V, 0.66V, 3.86V. They just let me know that they figured out that all their current stock of this product has been packaged with conductive foam, so these have been slowly discharging on the shelf. I verified this...about 5k ohms resistance across the foam pad the battery came in. Anyway, they should be replacing this with properly packaged product but wait on ordering it -- dated 11/18/2015. Posting this because I noticed they still had it listed as in stock and not on backorder--this should be updated. Also so that if any previous purchaser is wondering what happened, they have some closure. These cells aren't supposed to be allowed to fully discharge.


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