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Electro-mechanical designer, and licensed Professoinal Engineer, working in manufacturing automation for sawmilling

  • Hi gang, handy shield one can quickly grab to get an SD slot going. Note that for a battery powered quick project where I log something every few hours I had to do a mod. After putting this shield on my custom shield stack, the current draw was higher than what I expected. I took out this shield on its own, and it was consuming about 3.2 mA if I hooked up just the power and ground: photo Not a big deal for so many applications, but I'm chasing those milliamps. The level shift IC has three floating inputs. Tying those to ground, via the ground pin on the ICP header holes, and that got it right down to basically zero: photo So if you need those extra mA's conserved, this can be a way to achieve that if you use this shield. Now my overall stack is down to where I need it for long battery life, 624 uA for my (modded) Redboard, the microSD shield, HX711 strain gague amp, and an RTC I threw on photo.

  • I bought a couple of these for fun. I hooked it up to the PWM channels on my microcontroller, and output a sine wave of slightly different frequency to each colour channel, and it projects a really neat cycling colour pattern on the roof when I turn the lights out! I posted a demo... kinda hard to see with my webcam, but you can see that it works.

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