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  • This is the caption that my wife and I are trying to beat. This caption if certainly a winner.

  • It would show a lot more if these site did a lot more time than one day. Just go ahead and show how our schools will suffer from one month of no wikipedia. The foundation of our being in this day in age is being shaken by legislators. Information should be free because it makes us all more globally connected and informed. A world wide revolution is about to happen, and we will prevail.

  • +1 I'd like to use this in my hydroponics setup.

  • To all those that are complaining about the captcha's, I honestly felt like it was more of a fair chance for everyone who wanted to spend the time trying. The past 2 years I tried like crazy and even got friends helping me out but we did not get anything because the site was just 503'ing everytime I tried to load it. Afterwards I had read about people that used certain tricks to make sure their browser would not time out or other tricks that gave them an unfair advantage. This year was certainly the most fair that I feel they could have done since their site was almost never bogged down. If they could truly handle the traffic then I would support the quiz system, but since they can not this was the next best thing.

    ...And yes, after 2 1/2 hours and doing about 2500 captchas, I finally won for my first time.

    Thank you SparkFun.

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